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The intoxicating allure of Akwan Blue, an men’s fragrance, lies in a breathtaking dance between freshness and mystery. First, an exhilarating blend of bitter orange, clove, and nutmeg ignites the senses, captivating the space with its untamed charm and magnetism. As the fragrance unfolds, a commanding base of oak, musk, oud, sandalwood, and patchouli asserts itself, anchoring the composition with unwavering distinction and presence. Akwan Blue, a luxurious Arabic perfume for men, embodies the harmony of contrasts in every detail, leaving an unforgettable, enduring mark. Discover the seductive magic of masculinity and luxury with Akwan Blue.





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Akwan Blue

Choose the perfume that suits your personality with the unique composition of Akwan Blue and make a luxurious impact.


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