About us

Our Story
In a breathtaking world, "Akwan" pulsates with life and magic, where science meets with art to create unique and distinctive compositions that combine luscious flowers, precious woods, and captivating spices, to obtain irresistible perfumes. We strive to give a distinctive fragrant experience that bears your own signature and makes you feel confident and attractive at all times since we believe that perfumes are more than simply aromas but rather an expressive language that enriches memories and tells fascinating stories. We at "Akwan" take the stance that "You are special and so is your perfume" in order to create perfumes for you that are perfect for your personality, your various occasions, and the ways you like to dress since you deserve to be at the top.
That is why Akwan launched five unique perfume groups, each of which suits a different event, a different occasion, and reflects a different perception of you. We look forward to learning new things and developing more in the world of perfumes as Akwan's journey continues. We aspire to be your best companion and make unforgettable moments that you will remember forever.
Therefore, we strive for innovation, excellence and uniqueness permanently, as Akwan is a lifestyle not just a perfume.
  • Our Vision
    At Akwan, we believe that perfumes are more than just a scent; they can also influence moods and memories. therefore, we strive to give a comprehensive perfume experience that helps our clients in discovering themselves and strengthening their self-confidence.
  • Our Mission
    Production of perfumes that suit the requirements of all our clients, no matter what or where they are, by providing Khanina perfumes of the highest quality, in accordance with recognized international standards.
  • Our Goals
    Production of perfumes that suit the requirements of all our clients, no matter what or where Our objective is to be an example of originality and perfection in the perfume industry, and to create a perfect combination of creativity, technology, and quality; to provide our clients with a memorable experience that excites the senses and inspires the soul.